Why we never thought about this before, I don’t know.  It’s a perfect lunch for our non-leftover food days.

“This is how I do it: I make a batch of rice in my rice cooker.  I add a can of diced tomatoes, 1 chopped onion, a clove of  minced garlic & some chili powder and let it cook.  When it’s done, I add some cilantro to make it more colorful.  On this batch, I have a can of refried beans, black beans, grated cheese, fresh cut cilantro & a hot sauce/greek yogurt combo for my sour cream.  Don’t forget your hot sauce!  Tapatio is one of my faves!  I take a dish cloth and run it under the faucet to moisten it, making sure to squeeze out any extra liquid.  I then wrap up a stack of burrito sized flour tortillas in the towel and toss them in the microwave for 1 minute. It helps make the tortillas more pliable for wrapping.  In that minute, I make a stack of aluminum foil sheets so I can easily wrap burritos up right after I fold them.  I load each tortilla  with our favorite toppings (not TOO much) and wrap it up!  It takes a little practice at first, but in no time, you will be come an expert!”

So when you are ready to eat one, you just:

1. Unwrap frozen burrito from foil

2. Wrap burrito in damp paper towel

3. Microwave for 3 mins on high.

4. Wait to cool, then eat!

From: http://www.shutterbean.com/make-your-own-freezer-burritos/